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Jeff Sessions Poised to Attack States with Legal Cannabis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fired up over Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s blockade of Justice Department nominees. In what seemed to be a veiled threat, Sessions noted that “Marijuana is illegal in the United States–even in Colorado, California, and everywhere…

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12-Year-Old Girl Going to Court Against Jeff Sessions

Twelve year old Colorado transplant Alexis Bortell has epilepsy that is only controllable with medical cannabis. Alexis filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the fall of 2017, and has a court date set for February 14┬áin a…

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Doug Lamborn is Against Cannabis and States’ Rights

Representative Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, supports the crackdown on cannabis in Colorado. This is an unacceptable position to take after the people who elected him to office approved recreational marijuana. Rather than protect the rights of Coloradans who are working…

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Billions of Dollars at Risk of Being Unbanked

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network was blindsided January 4, along with the rest of the country, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo. FinCEN relied heavily on the Cole Memo for guidance and claims that the current guidelines…

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Senator Gardner Fights Back against Sessions

US Senator Cory Gardner stuck to his word by placing a hold on new Justice Department nominees sent to the Senate for confirmation. 9 News reports: “The White House sent five Justice Department nominees to the Senate on Monday, including…

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