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Hickenlooper Preparing to Release People with Non-Violent Cannabis Convictions

In a bold move to correct the war on drugs, Governor John Hickenlooper and his administration are examining records of  inmates with nonviolent cannabis charges. These people need to be released due to the legalization of cannabis by their fellow…

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BREAKING: Colorado Senate Votes to Increase Cannabis Taxes, Violating State Constitution

  Today, the Colorado Senate passed SB18-088 on third reading, sending it to the House where it is expected to pass. SB18-088 fixes an error in last year’s SB17-267 which inadvertently eliminated taxes on cannabis in special districts. 267 exempted…

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Drug War Rages on in El Paso County

Last year’s legislation to criminalize home grows above 12 plants has taken effect and new victims of the drug war are being created here in Colorado. Just this week, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder (who is up for reelection…

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Senator Gardner Fights Back against Sessions

US Senator Cory Gardner stuck to his word by placing a hold on new Justice Department nominees sent to the Senate for confirmation. 9 News reports: “The White House sent five Justice Department nominees to the Senate on Monday, including…

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Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divison Releases Bulletin on US DOJ Announcement

Today, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divison made an announcement regarding yesterday’s DOJ memo rescinding the Cole Memorandum. Read their memo below: IB 18-01 Industry Bulletin Yesterdays Announcement from the US Department of Justice   IB 18-01 Industry Bulletin Yesterdays Announcement…

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