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Jeff Sessions Poised to Attack States with Legal Cannabis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fired up over Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s blockade of Justice Department nominees. In what seemed to be a veiled threat, Sessions noted that “Marijuana is illegal in the United States–even in Colorado, California, and everywhere…

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State Cannabis Sales Reach $1.5 Billion in 2017

Colorado set a new record for cannabis sales in 2017, but economists caution the growth will not continue forever. This slow down is likely due to the legal marijuana market absorbing the majority of the black market in Colorado. Figures like…

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Colorado Dispensaries Raising Home Values

A small study in Denver found that homes located near dispensaries increased more than eight percent in value since recreational cannabis was legalized. The study does not confirm a reason for this trend or suggest it will carry over to…

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Doug Lamborn is Against Cannabis and States’ Rights

Representative Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, supports the crackdown on cannabis in Colorado. This is an unacceptable position to take after the people who elected him to office approved recreational marijuana. Rather than protect the rights of Coloradans who are working…

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Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divison Releases Bulletin on US DOJ Announcement

Today, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divison made an announcement regarding yesterday’s DOJ memo rescinding the Cole Memorandum. Read their memo below: IB 18-01 Industry Bulletin Yesterdays Announcement from the US Department of Justice   IB 18-01 Industry Bulletin Yesterdays Announcement…

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