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Doug Lamborn is Against Cannabis and States’ Rights


Representative Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, supports the crackdown on cannabis in Colorado. This is an unacceptable position to take after the people who elected him to office approved recreational marijuana. Rather than protect the rights of Coloradans who are working in a legal, billion dollar industry, Lamborn wants to reignite a failed drug war.

Doug Lamborn Supports Federal Crackdown on Cannabis

Senate Bill Aims to Track Cannabis with Unspecified “Agent”

Cannabis Grow

Colorado Senate Bill 029 calls for the introduction of an unspecified “agent” to be applied to cannabis products from seed to sale. According to the bill, Colorado State University Pueblo is supposed to develop the “agent”, which could be anything from a tag to a spray. This bill attacks consumer and individual rights, and could lead to a larger black market depending on the type of agent developed.

The bill is sponsored by senators Leroy Garcia and Kent Lambert, as well as representatives Dan Pabon and Yeulin Willet.

Proposed Marijuana Tracking System

Senate Bill 18-029 



Drug War Rages on in El Paso County

Last year’s legislation to criminalize home grows above 12 plants has taken effect and new victims of the drug war are being created here in Colorado.

Just this week, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder (who is up for reelection this year) bragged about his new ability to target non-violent cannabis growers:

“El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder says there are roughly 650 grows right now across the county.

‘We believe a very large number of that 650 are illegal,” Sheriff Elder said. “They don’t comply with this 12 plant count.'”

Read the rest: http://www.kktv.com/content/news/New-marijuana-grow-law-in-effect-El-Paso-County-Sheriffs-Office-cracking-down-on-illegal-grows-468919673.html

Billions of Dollars at Risk of Being Unbanked


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network was blindsided January 4, along with the rest of the country, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo.

FinCEN relied heavily on the Cole Memo for guidance and claims that the current guidelines will stay in place. Despite this assurance, the actions by Sessions could lead to billions of dollars being withdrawn from the approximate 400 banks that do business with cannabis companies.


Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Blindsided by U.S. Justice Department

Senator Gardner Fights Back against Sessions

US Senator Cory Gardner stuck to his word by placing a hold on new Justice Department nominees sent to the Senate for confirmation.

9 News reports:

“The White House sent five Justice Department nominees to the Senate on Monday, including four assistant AG nominees and one US Marshal appointment in Sessions’ home state of Alabama.

Gardner’s office confirmed Tuesday that all of these nominations are subject to the hold he put in place during his floor speech in Friday responding to Sessions.”