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Marijuana Home Delivery to be Debated in the House Next Week

Republican Senator Tim Neville and Democratic Representative Jonathan Singer are working together to develop a bill that would allow up to 15 companies per city, in 3 Colorado cities, to deliver marijuana.

Colorado is behind the curve on cannabis deliveries, as California, Nevada, and Oregon already allow it.

Lawmakers to Debate Marijuana Home Delivery

BREAKING: Colorado Senate Votes to Increase Cannabis Taxes, Violating State Constitution


Today, the Colorado Senate passed SB18-088 on third reading, sending it to the House where it is expected to pass.

SB18-088 fixes an error in last year’s SB17-267 which inadvertently eliminated taxes on cannabis in special districts.

267 exempted the state sales tax of 2.9% on cannabis sales an instead placed a 15% tax on all retail sales.

88 corrects the mistake of 267 by adding taxation from special districts to retail cannabis sales.

Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) prevents the Colorado Legislature from enacting new taxes without a vote of the people.

88 passed on a vote of 24 to 10. More info can be found here.

The ten legislators who voted no did the right thing.

The 24 who voted yes just voted to raise the price of cannabis and by doing so, violated the State Constitution.

Today’s votes are as follows:

Aguilar  Y
Baumgardner  N
Cooke N
Coram  Y
Court  Y
Crowder Y
Donovan Y
Fenberg Y
Fields Y
Garcia Y
Gardner Y
Guzman Y
Hill E
Holbert N
Jahn Y
Jones Y
Kagan Y
Kefalas Y
Kerr Y
Lambert N
Lundberg N
Marble N
Martinez Humenik Y
Merrifield Y
Moreno Y
Neville T. N
Priola Y
Scott N
Smallwood N
Sonnenberg N
Tate Y
Todd Y
Williams A. Y
Zenzinger Y
President Y

Video of yesterday’s debate:


More information from The Denver Business Journal:

Regional Transportation District trains, Scientific and Cultural Facilities District museums and other beneficiaries of special-district funding soon will be on a path to again receive the revenues from retail marijuana sales that they’d been losing since July.

Colorado senators on Tuesday approved a “fix” for the language that has left those districts unable to collect sales taxes for cannabis sales within their district since shortly after an omnibus funding bill from the 2017 session was signed into law. Affected organizations have warned that while the problem has not led to program cuts yet, it could do so in the future if it’s not remedied.

The fix to the error made in Senate Bill 267 is not one with unanimous support, having passed to the House Tuesday on a final vote of 24-10. Republican leaders warned not only that they feel the bill is unconstitutional, but that districts that re-start the collection of marijuana taxes without a vote of the people may be challenged in court.

Read the rest: https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2018/01/30/legislators-find-way-to-restore-tax-funding-to.html

NACB Proposing New Cannabis Packaging Standards

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses has proposed new standards for cannabis packaging that will be available for review on the NACB website until February 21, 2018.

The NACB aims to be the leading self regulatory organization for cannabis in the United States, and includes several Colorado cannabis businesses such as Ebbu and Love’s Oven.

NACB Packaging and Labeling Standard

Westword: NACB Sets New Standards for Packaging

12-Year-Old Girl Going to Court Against Jeff Sessions

Twelve year old Colorado transplant Alexis Bortell has epilepsy that is only controllable with medical cannabis. Alexis filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the fall of 2017, and has a court date set for February 14 in a New York Federal Courthouse.

She is being represented in court by her lawyer Michael Hiller, who believes the ruling will result in the Controlled Substances Act being found unconstitutional.

Jeff Session’s War on Marijuana Going to Court

Colorado Dispensaries Raising Home Values

A small study in Denver found that homes located near dispensaries increased more than eight percent in value since recreational cannabis was legalized.

The study does not confirm a reason for this trend or suggest it will carry over to other locations and cities, but it stands to reason that other locations could benefit from opening dispensaries.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Boost Nearby Home Prices