End Prohibition Colorado

URGENT: Call to Action

Colorado Senate Bill 1092 aims to create legal, safe, and regulated marijuana delivery. This is a HUGE deal for Colorado as we are behind five states on this issue: Oregon, California, New York, Florida, and Arizona.

Our first hurdle is getting this bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is a fantastic bill for Coloradans and has the support of law enforcement and veterans.

The bill addresses public safety concerns about driving under the influence of marijuana, as well as working to eliminate illegal delivery services already operating in the state.

You can support this cause by contacting the five senators below and urging them to vote YES on SB 1092.

Bob Gardner: 303-866-4880

John Cooke: 303-866-4451

Don Coram: 303-866-4884

Rhonda Fields: 303-866-4879

Daniel Kagan: 303-866-4846

Jeff Sessions Poised to Attack States with Legal Cannabis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fired up over Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s blockade of Justice Department nominees. In what seemed to be a veiled threat, Sessions noted that “Marijuana is illegal in the United States–even in Colorado, California, and everywhere else in America.”

Our Attorney General does not respect the rights of the people of this nation if this is the way he chooses to speak. Our great state and many others have legalized cannabis in response to the people and Sessions must recognize this fact.

Jeff Sessions Is Steamed Over Senator’s Cannabis Blockade

Denver NORML Pushing Proposal to Ban Job Termination Due to Cannabis Use

The proposal, if picked up by a legislative sponsor, would provide protection under the Unfair Employment Practices statute for marijuana users in the state. This would make it illegal for businesses to terminate employees who are not in possession of, or using cannabis on the job.

Old fashioned drug tests can catch marijuana metabolites in the body for weeks, and up to 6 months if it is a hair test. It is absurd to terminate hard-working employees who use marijuana responsibly in a state where cannabis is legal.

Unjust Firings for Colorado Marijuana Users: Inside a New Fix

State Cannabis Sales Reach $1.5 Billion in 2017

Colorado set a new record for cannabis sales in 2017, but economists caution the growth will not continue forever. This slow down is likely due to the legal marijuana market absorbing the majority of the black market in Colorado.

Figures like this should fly in the face of Jeff Sessions and politicians who are attempting to reignite a failed war on drugs. Legalization is proving to be the best tool in fighting the illegal cannabis market while simultaneously providing an influx of tax dollars to the state.

Colorado marijuana sales hit $1.5 billion in 2017


Hickenlooper Preparing to Release People with Non-Violent Cannabis Convictions

In a bold move to correct the war on drugs, Governor John Hickenlooper and his administration are examining records of  inmates with nonviolent cannabis charges.

These people need to be released due to the legalization of cannabis by their fellow Coloradans.

Is Colorado About to Release Prisoners With Marijuana Convictions?