URGENT: Call to Action

Colorado Senate Bill 1092 aims to create legal, safe, and regulated marijuana delivery. This is a HUGE deal for Colorado as we are behind five states on this issue: Oregon, California, New York, Florida, and Arizona.

Our first hurdle is getting this bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This is a fantastic bill for Coloradans and has the support of law enforcement and veterans.

The bill addresses public safety concerns about driving under the influence of marijuana, as well as working to eliminate illegal delivery services already operating in the state.

You can support this cause by contacting the five senators below and urging them to vote YES on SB 1092.

Bob Gardner: 303-866-4880

John Cooke: 303-866-4451

Don Coram: 303-866-4884

Rhonda Fields: 303-866-4879

Daniel Kagan: 303-866-4846

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